Thursday, April 23, 2009

Up and Running

Finally I am up and running. Just in time to share the day. Cooper had a 4 yr old check up today. I took all 3 children. Lucky Parker, so he thought, getting to stay home from school. I did not know there were 4 yr old immunizations. So...... I did not warn Cooper. He went crazy when he heard the word SHOTS! This is the same child that got a flu shot last year with his daddy and he passed out. No, really, PASSED OUT! Eyes rolled back in his head, passed out. Needless to say, he went crazy! A nurse had to hold Hudson, Parker sat outside the door and my sweet Coop got 4 shots. Parker thought he was being such a good brother, telling Cooper he was a big boy and he did soooo good. Little did he know, he was next. Tracy, our precious nurse, whispered that we might want to go ahead and get Parker's shots since we were there. I thought it was a great idea. Parker on the other hand, went crazy too! My ears were seriously ringing when we left. We were all exhausted! All except Hudson who slept through the entire thing. Life is good:)


  1. who wouldn't want to read about this?! bless their little hearts....i mean, people need to know this kind of stuff, amy. thanks for sharing....i love your blog :)

  2. ok...i'm not going to be hard on you, but one post?! come on, you can do this thing!!

  3. i've been busy. i'll do better i promise.