Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We had a great afternoon at the water park today. The kids had a blast! It was VERY hot.... but the water kept everyone happy:) Thanks Alisha for inviting us;) We got home in time for the older boys to rest for about 30 minutes, eat supper, and we were off to vbs. No naps today. We were in such a hurry... I told the older boys to put there clothes on for church and Cooper forgot his UNDERWEAR! How do you forget that?. I just happened to ask him,when we pulled in the church parking lot, if he put his underwear back on-after he took his swimming suit off, he replied with, MAN.........I forgot. Why didn't I think to ask him before we left?. Anyway....... someone at church came to the rescue. I just don't know about my Coop sometimes:)
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