Friday, July 10, 2009

Beautiful Smiles...

My sweet, sweet Hudson. He is not crawling yet, although he does do an army crawl every once in a while. I've only witnessed this once, but the others swear that he does it all the time. Maybe its because he is always in my arms:-) He has started pulling himself up, but doesn't know how to sit back down, because there is always a brother to help him out. He is going to be so behind with things which is perfectly fine with me. He doesn't have to crawl.... the boys bring him everything he wants. they sit him back down when he pulls up,no teeth yet either, I really don't know if he is even teething, he doesn't drool alot. and is it bad that he is not even trying to hold his bottle? I'll hold it as long as he wants me too. He is my last baby:-(
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