Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fabric, Family and Fun

I have failed horribly at taking pictures of the last several things I've made. Those of you who do not see what I've done for you, please email me a picture. On the other hand, I have been ordering my fabric from here since I started this journey. Love, Love, Love the fabric I get from her. It is not something you can buy in stores (around here), which is why I love it. Shipment is always fast and her prices are great! I thought I would share the love because..... she did! She featured some of my outfits on her blog! How cool is that! So go ahead and check her out.
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  1. Congratulations...you're famous! I finally ordered from there and love it - super fast and she even threw in a free gift! Gotta love that...
    But then I went to my fabric store today...I could hardly breathe I was so excited! It's like walking into the candy store :). Still waiting on you to come with me...