Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Done....promise

I promise I did not neglect anyone today. Everyone was fed, and well looked after(for the most part). I felt like I was at my machine ALL DAY.....maybe I was:-\ These are a few that I did. I have a problem stopping once I get started. They turned out really, really cute.
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I've had this really cute fabric for a while now and I have not had the opportunity to use it. My mom was in this weekend, so while she watched the babies... I did some sewing. How nice it was to not have to stop every minute and tend to a little one. These are not for Coop, but he makes a super cute model for me, doesn't he?. I just might have to make these for him also.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

I Hope She Likes It....

My cousin asked me to make her a canvas for her front door and the door at the hospital. She didn't give me much direction except to say that her house was real artsy and she gave me a few colors. We decided against it looking like her baby room. She wanted it to go more with the decor of her here we go. The glare doesn't show the colors as vivid as they really are and it is making the letters blend with the birds legs, but you get the gist . I hope she likes it.
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Beautiful Smiles...

My sweet, sweet Hudson. He is not crawling yet, although he does do an army crawl every once in a while. I've only witnessed this once, but the others swear that he does it all the time. Maybe its because he is always in my arms:-) He has started pulling himself up, but doesn't know how to sit back down, because there is always a brother to help him out. He is going to be so behind with things which is perfectly fine with me. He doesn't have to crawl.... the boys bring him everything he wants. they sit him back down when he pulls up,no teeth yet either, I really don't know if he is even teething, he doesn't drool alot. and is it bad that he is not even trying to hold his bottle? I'll hold it as long as he wants me too. He is my last baby:-(
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Castles and Frogs...

So... yesterday I grounded the older two. Parker, for his smart mouth and Cooper, for not minding. I grounded them from the t.v.. Which they really don't watch much of anyway, but they thought it was the worst thing in the world. Trust me... It would have been much easier to give in and let them watch it, because I kid you not, Cooper asked me if he was still grounded at least 15 times an hour! But..... I'm trying to be consistant,and teach them their boundries, if you know what I mean. I was even told at one point that I was the meanest mamma in the neiborhood:-( I'm really least I hope I'm not, but I do discipline. Anyway, I am posting about this because while they were grounded it forced them to be a little more creative:-) As you can see, I think they ended up catching 6 frogs total (poor little frogs), and they built a very impressive castle. They were so proud of themselves. They also made a birds nest out of straw and grass.... "just in case a bird that was flying overhead didn't have a place to live... they could come live there." They have great imaginations and had a great day> even though Cooper told me while he was taking a bath that he was bored all day long because I grounded him for hours and hours. Oh....that's my Cooper

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Know...I Know...

I think he is doing the Pee Wee Herman

Parker and Cooper doing the robot!

It has been a while since I have blogged, but we (I) have been really busy! We are in the process of finishing our bonus room. Aron started painting it while the boys and I were out of town. He and I almost finished it on Friday. I say almost, because although he did a wonderful job, I had some minor touch ups to do from where he "cut in". He hates painting, and I have to say.... now I do too! So..... between painting, cleaning the floor so we can lay the real floor, and all my normal housewife duties, it has been a little crazy. Oh... and I do have 3 beautiful children to care for also:-) We had a great 4th! My best friend Alisha and her family came over to eat and shoot fireworks. As you can see...little Hudso hated the loud noise. The older boys had a blast! I wish I knew how to post these pictures right, you see they are in no particular order.!

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