Thursday, April 22, 2010

dear mr. hermit crab

I really need you to come out of hiding. Mom has come along way letting all you creatures live in the house. I'm sorry I always forget to feed you. Thankfully daddy has taken up that job. Mom said she'd hide too if someone was always trying to pull her legs out of the shell. Sorry about that too...I was trying to be easy. I am just really curious. To be honest...I forgot about you when I took you out of the box-a week ago!Last night daddy realized he'd been feeding a sponge and a bunch of shells that I found at the beach the same time we got you. I feel sure you will have plenty to eat. If you get hungry...go look under the couch. There is old cereal and goldfish that should hold you another year. Just please don't bite Hudson the way you bit me. I think that might send mom over the edge. Thanks for understanding...Cooper                                                               

p.s. If you decide to go to heaven...could you do it in my room. There is already a funky odor that mom can't figure out in there...she might not notice.

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever seen one of those out of its shell? Nastiest thing I've ever seen...
    Just in case you were wondering.
    Good luck crab hunting!