Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Last night we went out in search for crabs.

 This was the first year I've been able to join in the fun. I have had a baby to stay in the room with every year. I know now why Aron discouraged me going...telling me I would have to pick the crab up for the boys and it would pinch me... so be careful! After hearing that, there was no way I was going! He would go hunting with the older boys and I would stay with the baby. Well we all went last night and it was FUN! Hudson was a trooper. We caught several. Aron was the only one who got pinched. He deserved it! The weather has been perfect and no oil has been spotted anywhere on the beach. Praise the Lord!
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  1. awe how fun! can i come? im teaching vbs and austin is staying w chad while he is getting well. glad to see you are having so much fun.

    btw..somehow when i commented the other day it posted saying chad, but it was me. he must have cked his email or something